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Sins & Needles  - Karina Halle How about some boy candy before we start, huh? I'm sorry. I know everyone is using that bit to draw people to read their reviews, but hello? He's too sexy to be ignored.I read Sins & Needles because everyone I followed was reading this book, it was ridiculous. So, I gave it a shot and... this book came as a shock. A good kind of shock! I just wasn't expecting to really really like this story.Now, I am a huge sucker for characters who are just completely damaged and Ellie Watt and Camden McQueen were super broken. My heart has places for both of these characters. I just became so in tune with both of these character's scars, emotions and thoughts. Not only that, we are given a taste of Ellie and Camden's past in a few of the chapters and I felt that those chapters only made a bigger hole in my heart.Their relationship is a bit rocky. Oh, who am I kidding? It was one big mess. A hot mess. Those scenes with them being together was just... WOW. It was hot and sexy. I don't think I've read anything like that that wasn't fan fiction. And with the hotness and sexiness of this novel comes the dark and dangerous feel of it. I just loved this book to pieces and went through immediate withdrawal after I finished. THAT ENDING. *Ugly crying*.

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