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Everneath 1 - Brodi' 'Ashton Everneath was awesome! The Greek and Egyptian mythology in this book just made me fangirl since it reminded me of Rick Riordan's The Lost Olympus, Percy Jackson and the Olympians and The Kane Chronicles. The characters were just so complex and deep. Nikki actually took responsibility for her actions instead of having a FML moment. Cole is smoldering and he just gives off the feeling of him being a bad boy. And he is a really~ bad boy. ;D Although Cole came off like a bit of a creep, he made me feel sympathetic about him. Jack... OMG JACK! He is one of the sweetest love interests I've read. Like, Tucker Avery, he is just really sweet and supportive! He never gave up on Nikki and he was so patient with her even though he was sooo heartbroken inside.A great paranormal read that actually has a plot! IKR~ shocking. I can't wait for Everbound.

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