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Paranormalcy  - Kiersten White This book was better than most Paranormal fails I've read that's for sure. But, I'm not fangirling, drooling, spazzing, hyperventilating and getting butterflies in my stomach compared to other reads. I was quite glad though this book didn't make me lose brain cells like the other books I bought because of the cover. I mean, look at that dress! I want to wear that at prom. The narration was just fun, a bit annoying at times (I'm not a huge pink lover), but it still kept me hooked. Sorta. Although this book is not hated by me, it's also not loved. I would have a few internal chuckles, but it just seemed too cute to be a paranormal book with everything in it like, vamps, werewolves, faeries, hags, banshees and whatever creatures you think exist. The writing got slightly annoying and boring at times. There is just too many descriptions on how a bloody sigh sounds like and comparisons on the warmth of a person.I liked the characters, some were not memorable while others were my favorites. Evie is kind of a Mary Sue, but her excitement over simple things like SCHOOL seemed to round out her character more. I've heard her story a million times though. You got a orphan and she doesn't know her parents, she can kick ass but she just wants to be normal, she is the center of attention in the plot and she's got two guys. Yep, there is a love triangle folks.Lend and Reth are the two paranormals in Evie's life. Lend is just a perfect "good" guy. I'm always the one to pine after the bad boy (I dunno why, it's probably related to my angst fetish), but in this book, I just want Lend. Reth creeps me out a bit. He wants to "fill her up" with "warmth" and hearing those words said in a sentence in a seductive way did not sound good to me. I question what the hell Reth's motives are. Vivian, the main antagonist, seemed pretty wacko to me. She fits the whole "cray cray villain" persona and I'm kind of waiting to see what there is more to her.So overall, this book can go either way for anyone. You can hate it, love it, or like me, buy and read the second book because the ending was interesting and you want to see if you will lose brain cells cause for some reason you hate yourself. But, it is definitely better than most YA paranormal lit out there.

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