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Legend  - Marie Lu After reading a bunch of fantasy and paranormal books, it's nice to be back in the dystopian genre. And Legend was a great book to get me back on track.Legend was fast-paced and action-packed with great writing (really GREAT writing. The editor deserves a cookie.) and I loved every second and every word I read. But, there are a few problems that kind of bothers me. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty great read compared to other crappy dystopian novels out right now. But to really enjoy this book, you have gots to throw logic right out onto the streets. The two protagonists, June and Day, are both very kick-ass but, their actions seem very super hero like that I sometimes forget that they are human. I mean, seriously, can anyone rob a bank in 10 seconds? And scale a four-story building in 5 seconds? I think not. June and Day were likeable enough but they weren't that unique to differentiate themselves. Sometimes, I thought I was reading June's POV till I realized the gold text and vise-versa. June is a kick-ass military prodigy and Day is a futuristic Robin Hood with a very vulnerable side that pulled some of my heart strings. Although sometimes, they can be just really dense. I mean, I'm three-fourths done with the book and only now they realize what the Republic is up to even though they are screaming "LOOK AT ME! I'M TOTALLY GONNA RUIN YOUR LIVES SO STOP ME!!". The secondary characters were likeable but not really that memorable.The romance was pretty cliche. Everyone knows it, the "I'm sooo drawn to you, but I can't have you" type of romance that just gets so annoying after reading it so many times. The two are enemies so it seems pretty weird that they are already lovers before friends. Even though it was semi-insta love, it was still insta.The story was also quite predictable. I already figured out what the characters would do before they even said they would do it. But, there were still some moments that managed to surprise me. But still. Predictable.And the biggest pet peeve for me was the world building. In any dystopian book, you would want to know how the world turned into this way. Sadly, I didn't get that question answered as much as I wanted it to be. In this story you have: natural disasters that destroyed the country, economy that went down big time and a civil war. You aren't told how the world got to this point. I just couldn't see myself living in this world. Sure, I connected with June and Day, but I didn't feel like this world could actually happen in the future one day. And, if the US was really in this kind of state, what about the rest of the world? I mean there was zero mention of the United Nations at all and contact with the outside countries beside brief mentions of South America and China. It was lacking in details and I love my deets.Despite the issues I have with this book, I really enjoyed reading it and I'm anticipating for the release of the sequel~. Just don't try to over think about it too much and I'm sure you'll enjoy this book a lot.

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