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My Life in Black and White - Natasha Friend Rating: 4.5 My Life in Black and White is a story about a girl struggling to define who she is when she's lost what has always defined her.The writing was up my alley. I loved it. The story hits a topic that I bet every teen, including myself, struggles with from time to time. Lexi, our main character, is described to be extremely beautiful and that's how people know her as. But one day, that all changes when she gets into a car accident and had to get a graft on her face.Along with Lexi are some pretty interesting characters like her sister, Ruth, and senior, Theo. They complement Lexi very well with their selfless attitudes. Accompanying the gang are some bitches and some sweethearts that I felt also helped Lexi indirectly. And all of the characters go through some character development which I really enjoyed. It showed the diversity and complexity of how teens, and even adults, can be sometimes.Overall, My Life in Black and White is a cute read that would definitely pull on a few heart strings if not a lot with it's touching story and great writing.

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