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The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus, #3) - Rick Riordan I will try to write a proper review later after I gather up my shattered feels from the ground. EDIT: 11/18/2012AHEM! I have now gathered my wits and feels from the floor and am now ready to write this review~I will be sorting this review up in sections because I have a lot to say on this bloody book.PLOT:Oh yes~ finally we are getting somewhere in this series. The gang goes searching not only for the Doors of Death but they also finally unite! YAY~!! Now, I found it kind of weird that Annabeth had to separate from the group and all, but I guess she needed to shine so, I'm glad that her shining moment was written in that way. Fast paced and full of non-stop action and laughs, The Mark of Athena is better than the last installment plot-wise for me. CHARACTERS:OMFG. Percy = LOVE!!Annabeth was I guess slightly annoying or maybe it's just because she hasn't been the light for so long that, I don't, her presence was uncommon.Leo. My god, I love that boy so much. He is the comic relief when events get serious. I laughed out loud in public when he was distracting Narcissus and I didn't care :D .Jason and Piper. I just don't like them sorry, Piper is right she is slightly useless and Jason. Well, *sigh* you're pretty average.Frank will forever be a Candian Bolin to me. Sorry.Hazel... I don't know what to say besides I want you to be with Leo. Yeah.ENDING:Must I say my emotions, I bet all of us have gone through the same thing.Which is this:This: And finally we just ended up like this:Now. My final sayings on this:RIORDAN HOW DARE YOU! MAKING US A YEAR FOR THIS! BY THE GODS, PLEASE WRITE FASTER BECAUSE THE FANART IS TOO PAINFUL. OTL^ I'm sorry I'm leaving you guys with that but... *WEEPS TILL I GET MY HANDS ON THE HOUSE OF HADES*

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