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Blood Red Road (Dust Lands, #1) - Moira Young Okay. *exhale* THIS BOOK IS FILLED WITH AWESOMESAUCEThe story was never boring, the pacing was fast enough to keep you on edge. Heck, I'm getting edgy just remembering the experience! The world building was absolutely great, I can totally see our world turn in a dust land. The writing got me talking southern during the whole duration I was reading this thing. I swear it will really get you in the mood. Character wise, I loved a bunch of them. Saba, Jack, Ike and Epona are my definite faves. Emmy was just a brat. ( I know she is only 9 but still. ) . The romance between Jack and Saba was predictable, but I'm not going to lie they have some chemistry going on over there. These characters are here to survive and be stubborn, let me tell ya that. But they also have a compassionate side which was nice to see~The first half of the book though will be infinitely better than the second half. The first half was such a rush, but once the second half came I wasn't feeling a lot of thrill in me. Though, don't get me wrong the second half is still good, the whole book is, but after some predictable plot twists and the building up of romance, well... I was missing a lot of the action I got in the first half. Overall, Blood Red Road is a great dystopian read that will bring you some adrenaline rush.

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