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Eon  - Alison Goodman I am such a fantasy fan, I love imagining the beauty and extravagance of the scenes and picturing a whole, different world. And Eon totally gives me that feeling.This book is pretty much about sexuality and personal identity, since our main character, Eona, is a 16-year old girl who would rather be a 12-year old boy, training to become a Dragoneye apprentice.The writing was rich and smooth with gorgeous descriptions, but beware, a lot of info-dumping. Characters were striking and full of power, especially Eona. The story starts pretty mellow, then BAM! just crazy, exciting things happen. Even politics, I found politics exciting! And fantasy politics are crazy!Overall, you find a lot of things in this book that you don't normally find in any other YA book such as: transsexuals, gender-benders and even eunuchs~. Filled with awesome Asian mythology and cool dragons, Eon is a book I have been waiting to buy for a while and you should be waiting to buy yourself a copy too.

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