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Beautiful Redemption  - Kami Garcia, Margaret Stohl Real Rating: 3.5*sigh* Another end to a series. I wouldn't say it's one of the best series out there, but I will admit, it was a fun ride.I stared reading The Caster Chronicles right when I really started getting in to reading. Obviously, my tastes weren't as... developed as they are now, so looking back, The Caster Chronicles is a pretty mediocre series. But, it was a fun read.In Beautiful Redemption Ethan is trying to get back to Gatlin, to Lena. It's a pretty straightforward goal, compared to the other books. There were sometimes when I just wanted to fling the book out of Ethan's "gayness" (I'm pretty mean I know) and when Lena and Ethan kept on talking about each other to no end. But, their determination, I guess, was pretty positive on me.The last book of a series should finally get everything straight, and this book did just that. It was a fun ride and I'm sad, because it's over and this series was really one of my first ones. I'm really just feel like there is a hole in me, I guess, like this emptiness. Maybe this is what people feel like when their childhood is over. Just this, bittersweet kind of feeling.Well, I can't wait to watch the movie (although Ethan looks old and Rid is not blonde, I mean what is up with that?) and relive all my experiences I had with this series. :')

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