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What We Saw at Night - Jacquelyn Mitchard I got approved to read this on netgalley so~ here is my feedback!What We Saw At Night I think, might have been one of the first books I've read that is all about the mystery. But, I didn't feel as much mystery as I probably could have with other books.The book, at some parts, did get me on the edge of my seat, but half the time I would be pretty lax. I like the fact that there is Parkour and mortal vampires (Allie, Rob and Juliet, our characters that have XP), I just wasn't really that in to it. The motives of the antagonist are confusing and so are Juliet's. Allie and Rob are a whole different story though, I mean, I understand the whole development of relationship thing, but if you're trying to find a murderer I suggest you take it more seriously.The slow pace and made me want to skip pages, but some twists still kept me reading them. That ending though seemed... unfinished. I didn't love it, but I will read the sequel only out of curiosity of what would happen next, not because I'm frothing at the mouth, waiting for it. I received a copy of this through netgalley

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