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A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb Rating: 4.5Wow.That's all I can say about this book. Okay, but really A Certain Slant of Light is probably a book not all of you might enjoy. It's a bit weird with very... specific writing, I guess you could say. (IMO, I think the writing is GORGEOUS but that's IMO. ;D ). This is a very witty, wordy and wonderful story with, surprisingly, since this is a Young Adult book, complex mature themes. The book tackles forgiveness, human existence and the value of life, so I was quite surprised two ghosts were the main characters in this intelligent and heavy world. Helen and James, the two lovers of this story, are actually Light (what Helen calls herself as a being in the human world) living in two human bodies. Their physical relationship surprised me, but from then everything flowed naturally. Their connection is undeniable as lovers of literature, people of integrity, and, in this book's world, the only two beings in that plane of existence.I enjoyed the small delights Helen found in the human world, and the sad, aching pull she has to her human hosts. One can tell this is a good book if an author can make a ghost seems so eloquently and painfully human.

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