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Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson Ahem. So, Ultraviolet to really enjoy this book, you have to no absolutely nothing, so I'll try to keep this short and sweet. ;DAlison, our protagonist, ends up in a mental institute because she says she killed her classmate, Tori, when she had a psychotic breakdown. What makes this book so totally epic (and yes, the word 'epic' needs to be used) is that Alison has synesthesia, a neurological phenomenon, that allows her to see sounds and taste colors.The way Anderson wrote this story really kept me hooked and mesmerized despite how long it took me to read the book. I loved the way Alison describes the world through her eyes. I thought I was seeing the Aurora Borealis and rainbows while reading Ultraviolet.The plot was solid and the pace of the story made the reader catch up with the mystery of Tori's death which added to the suspense. Some stuff were a bit predictable, but I still enjoyed this book IMMENSELY. Get this book now people, because Ultraviolet is a pleasant surprise and I'm waiting for more books from you R. J. Anderson!------------------------------------------------------------------------- [DON'T CLICK THE SPOILER UNLESS YOU'VE READ ULTRAVIOLET. YES I'M TALKING TO YOU, YOU MASOCHIST]I'm not sorry.

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