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Supernaturally - Kiersten White This series for me was always something I would read when I would want a fun, light paranormal read. And Supernaturally was just as light and fun as its predecessor.Right at the beginning, I was already confused. There was hardly any recaps on what happened in the last book, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the story although there were something I forgot.The narration is still as funny as ever. Evie kicks butt, while still somehow maintaining the 'I'm-to-be-normal image'. She went through some character development in this book and I'm glad that White did that. We also find more about her past and why she is needed by the fey.We are introduced to a new character who can acces the faerie realms, Jack. Now I would normally root for the underdog, but Jack just creeped me out. But he didn't creep me out as much as Reth.Reth and his plans to bring Evie to the faerie realms are still in motion and this time we actually find out WHY he is trying to bring Evie in to this war between the fey.This book probably didn't progress in much in plot, but we did get some questions answered. But with questions answered, more questions come up. I'm hoping those questions will be answered in Endlessly because I'm curious to know what will happen after reading such a cliche ending. ;D

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