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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Wow. Okay, this book was freaking awesome. And sexy. Very sexy.Obsidian was so hyped up from the start, I was actually thinking it wouldn't be that good like most hyped up books I've read, but nope. Obsidian had a kick ass heroine, a uniqueness and unusual factor and very sexy characters. And descriptions. Sorry. I just can't get over how damn sexy this author can writeANYWAY! Let me get this started with saying how much I love Katy Swartz. She is just soooo kick ass that I, yes, have to use 3 more o's in typing the word 'so'. By far, she is one of my favorite YA heroines. She made love this book soooo much more. I love her snarky attitude and just everything. Where has this chica been all life? Why does she have to be fictional?! Me and her would have hit it off!I love the fact that she is also a book blogger. (If only I could be as dedicated as her dammit). And she didn't put up with Daemon's crap.Now... speaking of Daemon, I will just say this now. He is the most assiest of all assholes I've read. He is the highest asshole of the highest asshole order. I get why fangirls swooned over him. I mean, seriously, that description in the beginning of the book turned me on a tad bit, I'm not gonna lie. But, he is also a jerk. Like seriously, the things he said got under my skin a little.I also liked him though despite his jerkiness. It's probably because I have a douche bag fetish when it comes to reading YA. And his sexiness kind of bumped up my love for him ever so slightly. Still. He is a jerk and I will not deny that.Another thing I liked about Obsidian was the supernatural factor. I'm not a huge fan of aliens, but I did like the Luxen and the Arum. Basically, the former are beings of light and the latter are beings of darkness, but, you know, think alien. This book does have it's flaws, but I managed to laugh and enjoy the whole book. I devoured this book. Even though, there are maybe a wee bit resemblances to Twilight. I will say this though: Obsidian is basically Twilight but better with a kick ass heroine, a plot that actually makes sense and there was NO insta-love. Weeee~!There were also a ton of cliches, but again, I didn't really mind because the story was just really fun~. Overall, I would recommend Obsidian for a lot of people. With it's awesome characters and unusual story line, the Lux series is a series to be read.

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