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Witchlanders - Lena Coakley “We live between the two great silences: the silence that existed before the world began, and the silence that waits for us at the end of all things.” It has been a while since I was able to read a fantasy novel. I love the way how I am brought to a new world with it's myths, religion, traditions and culture. Witchlanders definitely makes me feel like I am brought to a grand, new place. Well, this book really took me a while to get in to it because I was still quite hungover from Easy, but when I really did get in to it... HOLY MOLY! This book rekindled my love for the genre. The world building was superb, complex characters and a feel of an epic quest! Coakley can tell a great story, ladies and germs.Our two main protagonists are Ryder and Falpian. You can obviously see the difference between the two. Ryder is a strong, young man who takes care of the farm after his Fa died. He worries over his two younger sisters and his sickly mother. And he thinks that magic is a total sham. Falpian could be Ryder's complete opposite. Coming from the Bitterlands, Falipian is a privileged young magician, who has practically been told he will do great things with his late brother since birth. I love both of their voices. They give off a sense of individuality and they are unique in their own way.The way Falpian and Ryder meet and connect in the story is very intriguing. I expected it, the way their voices would intertwine, but when it came it was still pleasant and made me want to turn the pages faster. A lot of the things in the book are predictable, if you stop and think about what would happen next, like what I do. The twists though, when they do come, it's like WHAM! Just wow~. I would elaborate more on why I love this book, but I think it's best if you could see it for yourself. It pains me to know that there is no sequel to this book, because Witchlanders really deserves one. It is a quality story with a gorgeous cover. I mean, seriously, just look at it! I could just stare at it for an hour which I did.Just read Witchlanders I can't say nothing more, but to just read it. P. S. I ship Ryder and Falpian together. hehe.

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