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Shift  - Jeri Smith-Ready Rating: 3.5So. This book. What can I say...*AHEM*We are brought right back in to the world of Aura, Zachary and Logan. Now I would like to get this rant out of my chest before I give my thoughts about this book as a whole. I.DON'T.LIKE.ZACHARY.MOORE.I don't care if he is Scottish and can pull off a bloody kilt, my British fetish is just that. A British fetish. Sexy accent or not, you were a douche to Aura, Zachary. I have converted to Team Logan!Rant over.Sorry about that folks, but I really don't like Zachary.Now, on to the book that is Shift. I really like the concept of ghosts in this series so I'm really glad I got most of my questions answered, but with answers we get more questions. But suffice to say that is one of the few good things about this sequel, besides its humor and awesome character, Logan.This book was a real let down as a sequel. I really loved Shade, its predecessor, but Shift was just bad. From the insta-love of Zachary and Aura, to the bitchy bitch whose name I cannot even remember, and to the horrible thing that was their prom. That is all I can say about this book. It was really a bad sequel, but hey, at least we got some answers.

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