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Hallowed  - Cynthia Hand Rating: 4.5I change my mind! This book deserves full 5 stars.This sequel was heart wrenching. I cried many tears and my heart couldn't take all the feels I was experiencing. Cynthia, I have to give you a hand because Hallowed was just beautiful.Now, this book, as a sequel should do, answered many questions. But unlike most sequels it doesn't dive in to the inner workings of relationships. Being someone who really loves the character element of a story, this book was just like handing me candy. I just never realized how bitter sweet it would be.Clara has grown a lot after the events of Unearthly. And with her self growth, her relationships with everyone else has changed too. We get to see how much of a sweetheart both Tucker and Christian can be, we can see the love of a parent for their child and for their paramour, we can see the relationship between friends. We can see how the people in our lives can affect us.I am very conflicted with Tucker and Christian. At the end of Unearthly I was Team Tucker all the way, but as I was reading Hallowed Christian just converted me to his Team. I just really don't know. They are both great guys, I would be happy to take one of off Clara's hands, but I can't even do that because they each have made Clara who she is now. I... I just don't know. They are both just complete and utter cutiepatooties. c:We learn more about the Nephilim in Hallowed, Cynthia really has her research, hands down. This series has got to be the best series about angels there is right now. Hallowed is just a beautiful sequel and a beautiful book.

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