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Notes from Ghost Town - Kate Ellison Rating 3.5 Upon further thinking, I think this book just deserves solid three stars. ___________________________________I don't really know what to say about Notes from Ghost Town. I was really confused with the direction it was taking. Was it about first love or was it about solving a murder mystery? Was it about struggling with inner turmoil or was it about fighting through the obstacles in your path? In a way, this book was all these things, but I can't help feeling that it was a bit wishy-washy. :/I assume that I am a black sheep right now. A lot of people like this book, I can see why though. The book is filled with raw emotion, multi dimensional characters and the mystery kept you guessing, even if for a short while. I saw all of these things but I just couldn't really get in to it.This is all I can really say on the matter... Notes from Ghost Town is a great book, I can praise it for a lot of things but I wouldn't have much feeling in my praises so I will just say this. If you are looking for a book with great characters, a lot of emotion and a love story that is sad but gives hope to a new beginning, then this is the book for you.

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