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How to Save a Life - Sara Zarr Now, I only read How to Save a Life because I am excited about Zarr's upcoming novel, The Lucy Variations. But as I was reading How to Save a Life, my world was changed in a way I can't explain.There is something about seeing characters pick themselves up and dust off their asses. And that's what Jill and Mandy did.At first I didn't really care much for both of the girls; they were annoying and unlikeable. Jill was a bitch at times, but it was justified because she feels lost after the death of her dad. Mandy, on the other hand, she made me feel very uncomfortable. I don't like people who throw themselves at you and cling to you so they can tell everything about themselves. The thing I love most about books are the characters. Everything about the characters; from their development and growth to their relationships and their souls, so I was really rooting for Jill and Mandy when they were becoming better persons. I'm glad I gave Sara Zarr a shot because How to Save a Life--even though I still don't know the reason why I found this book so touching--it's story about belonging, and finding one's better self definitely resonates.

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