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Marcelo In The Real World - Francisco X. Stork Rating: 4.5What is the "real world"? Marcelo Sandoval has a mild form of autism which makes him different. He is surrounded by those who don't make fun of him and he wants to keep it that way till he graduates high school. But Marcelo's father, Arturo, wants him to work with him in his law firm this summer and face the "real world". And so he does... Marcelo in The Real World is part coming of age story, part love story, part criminal investigation story and part self-discovery story. We see what the "real world" is through the unique POV of Marcelo. His story is very compelling and thought provoking. He tackles many aspects of life such as sex, work, god and a bunch of other things. Marcelo is also such a lovable character~ I'm so happy Stork wrote a character like him.The only reason why I removed a .5 star is because the story is a bit slow, but otherwise Marcelo in The Real World is quality YA fiction.

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