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Requiem  - Lauren Oliver This book broke me.Did you know Requiem means 'a musical composition for the dead'? I wonder if Oliver knew this, because I assume the fandom is dead right now. Or at least died while reading Requiem.We have gone through a long journey. From Delirium to Pandemonium and now we are here at the end with Requiem. Lena has grown so much over the course of those three books. To have found love, then lost it, then to find it again, but to be haunted by her first love. She has grown to be a fighter. No more is the shy girl from Portland who wanted a safe life. Lena's growth and development has to be my favorite thing in this series.Hana, Lena's best friend, has also changed. She has been Cured and even though I found Hana's POV to not be as important to the plot of Requiem, I liked seeing the world in her shoes. To see the life of someone Cured, free from amor deliria nervosa. What really brought this book down for me, was the slow pace of the book, the love square (Seriously, what was that?), and the ending. Now a lot of people talked about how the ending was bull shit and that Oliver could have written 20 more pages. I couldn't agree more. But in a way, the ending is actually very poetic and beautiful. Lena talked about when you take down the walls, you don't know what you will see in front of you. The end of this book served as our wall and the sound we hear as we close the book is the unknown horizon. . .But for all I know, what I said was just total bullshit. I can be very dramatic sometimes ;) .Overall, Requiem might not have been the end I wanted, but I was glad I took the ride.

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