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Some Girls Are - Courtney Summers "A whole world exists outside of that hellhole."This book made me feel uncomfortable, horrified, slightly disgusted and full of anxiety. I felt like I needed an antacid after that.Some Girls Are tells the story about Regina Afton's fall from the top. She was the right-hand of her best friend Anna. She would do anything for Anna; bully, torment, spy. But when Anna finds out that Regina is the subject of some harsh rumors, she cuts her out. And Regina faces the consequences of ruining her social peer's lives now that she's the victim.I can't say that I liked Regina, because I would be telling a lie. I'll be honest, it felt really awesome to see her finally take her medicine. Being a victim of bullying once, it felt good to see a mean girl receive what she dishes out. But as the story progressed, I sympathized with her and was starting to understand her a little bit.This was not an easy read, but I couldn't put it down. I don't know if I can say that I enjoyed this book. How can you enjoy a book that gives you such a sucker punch? But I did appreciate how Summers doesn't make the reader forgive Regina or make excuses for her. Some Girls Are is unfortunately realistic and incredibly painful, but it was definitely amazing.

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