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Clockwork Princess  - Cassandra Clare Rating: 4.5 After a few weeks of repairing my poor, feels damaged heart, I have decided it's about time I wrote down a review of this book! Now, I bet you lot just read this book to find out who Tessa ends up with. I don't blame you. I could care less about Mortmain. Really, this book just dealt with relationships, if you think about it. You would never think there was impending doom, when all the attention was focused on the love story of Will, Tessa and Jem~ c: And that is the reason why I had to remove half a star.I'm being a hypocrite by saying that, but I really wanted to see some action. Seriously, the way Mortmain died was so anti-climactic.BACK TO THE LOVE TRIANGLEThat has got to be the most beautiful love triangle I have ever read. No words can explain the beauty that is HeronGrayStairs. Although they should have just had a threesome. With their feelings I'm sure they could have had a wonderful time. The fan fic writers have probably done this already but I have yet to read one.Aaaaaaaaand. That's about it. Seriously, what else can you say about this amazing book?

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