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Through the Ever Night  - Veronica Rossi Through the Ever Night is 120% better than it's predecessor, Under the Never Sky. The first book just had so many mistakes when it came to the way it was written a bit, the world building and the relationships. But the sequel definitely covered those things up and plenty more!So Aria and Perry are reunited after months of separation and they have plans to find the Still Blue together. But first they stop by the Tides because Perry is now Blood Lord a.k.a the leader of the lot. The Tides don't take kindly to Aria though, so she decides to leave with Roar, which leaves Perry alone to take care of his tribe.I personally like Aria's POV more compared to Perry's. Aria's just had more oomph. But Perry's POV was very enjoyable. Their relationship has developed greatly and I can no longer see it as insta-love. They have really grown to have feelings for each other and it's obvious that they really care. All the relationships in this book really was just brilliant. And we also got to know more about Roar, the best friend of both Aria and Perry.WARNING: MAJOR FANGIRL MOMENT IS ABOUT TO HAPPENI just love Roar. Okay? His personality is just swooooooon worthy and I just want to hug the poor thing~ >3< I'm so glad we got to see more of Roar in this book and I really want to read more about him in the final book of the series, because I just love him to BITS. His relationship with Liz was just D: and his relationship with Aria was just awwwwww~ and the bromance he and Perry have was just

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