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Renegade - J.A. Souders Holy hell, I think my brain box is dead!So, where do I even begin...Okay, we are brought to this beautiful underwater utopia called, Elysium. But girl~ shit goes down in this book and it ain't pretty. It starts like a utopia should be, you know, perfect world, perfect life, just about perfect anything. Remember though, this is a dystopian novel and the events that happen are just gory and disgusting. It's awesome!And the creator of this putrid world is Mother. She is cray cray people, like, she-needs-to-be-wrapped-up-in-a-straight-jacket-and-brought-to-an-asylum crazy. Mother has some twisted thoughts and those thoughts have led to brainwashing, manipulation, murder and anything cringe worthy really. She has to be one of the craziest villains I have read about. I love it!And Evelyn is her "daughter". Now don't be fooled by that pretty girl in the cover, since Evie kicks. ASS. She may seem docile at first but then she turns out to be this stubborn, resilient girl who doesn't even trust herself. And this attitude shows when she tries to save Surface Dweller, Gavin. Gavin, my God, what a sweetheart he is and he never came off as a douche. The romance between them came off to me as insta-love. Later though, I realized that it was a bond taken to the other level because of their need to escape. It was so not cliche. Their romance was sweet and believable considering how quickly it formed. Their need to stay together was so heartwarming even when they were on the run. And on the run they were! They never stopped trying to find a way out of their. The pace was fast, filled with a lot of action. The writing is awesome, you can easily distinguish when Evie was not herself. And with the writing came the world building, and it was believable as well. The wait for this sequel will be agonizing!Renegade was good in the beginning, and it just kept on getting better till we were hitting past 100% on the awesome meter. You guys will be clutching your head, due to your mind getting blown at the end of it!I received a copy of this through netgalley

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