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Vampire Academy - Richelle Mead You know I thought I wouldn't be reading anything about vampires because I assumed they'd all be like Twilight? Well. I was definitely proved wrong with Vampire Academy.Vampire Academy is not your typical paranormal story. It mixes the norm with the crazy, complicated mythology so well. The writing pulls you in from the start and Rose is not your typical heroine. The secondary characters are quite well rounded and they are also pretty memorable. And you got a love interest who isn't a douche bag too. The pacing of the book was pretty slow and it doesn't pick up till the last 100 pages or so, but Rose is a very snarky and sarcastic character that she keeps you occupied enough. The complex mythology is also pretty interesting and the normal teenage things that happen balance it out well. Although, I will admit, some of the dynamics on how there are different types of vampires confused me a bit.But overall, I liked Vampire Academy. A lot. I feel kind of stupid for not reading this book any sooner. :)

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