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Hate List - Jennifer Brown "We do know that it's possible to change reality. It's hard, and most people won't bother to try, but it's possible."Words fail me and my thought process goes out of whack when it comes to books like the Hate List. Soooo... I guess I'll just type what first comes to mind. But I doubt any of my words can ever do this book justice. The Hate List does not sugar coat teenagedom. We teenagers are vicious creatures. Our feelings are out of whack, hormones confuse us and all we want is to be known and our life to mean something. Not only teenagers really, but just... life. Life is cruel and reality sucks, but sometimes we are given seconds chances and we can sometimes be the winner. And the Hate List shows us that.This book was truly authentic. Every character has dark and light inside of them. This is a story about life with all it's craziness, ups and downs, triumphs and failures and just the overall suckiness of it. The emotional pain each and every one of these characters feel so real. In fact a lot of us could probably relate to these characters. Frankly, the story was pretty uncomfortable with it's themes on violence and jeering, but that's how the world is. There are bad people out there... But the Hate List is also a beacon of hope. We are given seconds chances and there are days when we get to be really, truly happy.I just hope that others who read this will be just as touched and inspired as I am. The Hate List is a brilliant story that I feel everybody should read.

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