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Tempest  - Julie Cross Rating: 3.5Now, I read this book because I respect the author. Cross is one cool chick. So when I got Tempest it was in full appreciation of the author; I didn't really have any expectations whatsoever. After I finished reading, not only do I love the author, I really liked her book. The reason why I removed half a star was because of the cliches that were in Tempest, but I really enjoyed and liked reading this book~Cross's take on Time Travel was interesting. I didn't get that confused, because I read Homestuck. So I'm kind of used to the whole "timeline" paradox thing. But I did get a bit confused every now and then, though. :'DI liked Jackson. I wouldn't say I felt attached to him or connected with him in any way, but I liked him. . . . . . . OKAY. The only things I really enjoyed were the action and the emotional parts of the story. That's what I really enjoyed. Everything is was pretty okay. I guess you could say, I liked the thrill of the adventure, but not what made the adventure.There were some major things that need fixing, like the secondary characters, the antagonists and the love interest. I found them to be almost bland. There was no seasoning. Okay, maybe a little, but it needed some spice!But still, Tempest was a book I enjoyed and I will give the sequel a chance.

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