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Prodigy  - Marie Lu I have been waiting for Prodigy ever since people have been raving about it before it was even out. My hopes were very high and I was not disappointed. This book was AMAZING.First off, I need to get my feels out in the air first, because this book was just...And thenAnd...We kicked things off right where we last stopped with June and Day. And let me tell you... the action doesn't stop. It's just BAM BAM BAM! I love this series, because it keeps me on edge. It's thrilling, exciting and just demanding.A number of things have improved in Prodigy. Such as~:1. The world building.2. The characterization. And--3. We can finally distinguish if it's Day or June talking based on their voices and not on the color of the text.The one thing that was extremely annoying was the love square/web/thing. Tess was just really aggravating. I just kept on asking myself:Anden on the other hand was interesting. As a character and as a potential love interest. (Even if I don't like the whole love shape thing.) In short: Even though I didn't like the whole love situation, this book was fucking amazing. End of story. Read it, people. You will scream at the heavens because of your excitement. And your pain. This book--this whole series-- is just...

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