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Losing It  - Cora Carmack For a book that's about losing your virginity, Losing It is a pretty light, cute and fluffy read. I haven't read a lot of the new adult books out there, but I think Losing It is something I would think is a part of that genre, because it deals with the one thing young adult books and adult books don't: College. You can feel the stress wafting out of this book. Oh, and the sexual tension.Because Garrick and Bliss just ooze sexual tension. But their story was really cute and the writing was hilarious. I would find myself laughing out loud at some parts; the dialogue was just really funny! Back to Garrick and Bliss. I love Bliss's character so much, but I felt like I couldn't really connect with her that well, because I'm not like her in personality. Her brain is like a well oiled machine that can't be turned off at random. But here comes Garrick. And let me tell you, her brain has a major meltdown once she catches the eye of very sexy, and very British Garrick. And since I'm a teenage girl with a British fetish, I was a puddle in Garrick's hands. Now, I'm not a fan of teacher-student romances, but I just couldn't help myself with Garrick and Bliss. Although, I wish they could have waited till the semester was over before they really got together. I would have still enjoyed the story if they were like Martin and Benedict. I mean come on, how cute is that? :3 Overall, Losing It is something I would read on a Saturday just to relax and have a good day with fluff, awkwardness, sexiness and a touch of romance.

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