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The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd Actual Rating: 3.5The Madman's Daughter is it's own kind of disturbing. It is my first time delving in to the horror/gothic genre and I think this is the first book of many!The Madman's Daughter is based off H. G. Wells classic, The Island if Doctor Moreau. After reading the Wikipedia page of said book, I think Shepherd's retelling did justice and also had a cool, different twist to the story. I loved the feel this book gives off~ it's just really creepy and I shivered visibly in some parts! You can really feel the madness coming out of our main character, Juliet Moreau. I love Juliet. She knows what she wants and she tries to get it. But as the story went on... I went from loving her to just strongly liking her. She was just way to focused on the two love interests. And IMO, they weren't interesting as love interests, but as characters though, a little bit.Montgomery, one of the love interests, was an interesting character. I was really in to his whole Stockholm Syndrome character but the amount of insta-love he has for Juliet just made cringe. I preferred the other guy, Edward Prince, but not by a lot. I just didn't get his insta-love either, but his past was something I got really in to.But thank God, the romance did not completely take over the plot or I'd have to drop a star on this book. Because this book was really enjoyable, and a tad uncomfortable, which is a good thing, despite it's insta-love and predictability. Most of the story was predictable. I was like 50 steps ahead of the book, but if not for that ending I would have seen everything. That ending was just... it took a different route, which was a good thing, but I was not happy about it. :( Now I have to wait months for the sequel.The Madman's Daughter is creepy and twisted with a lot of romance but over all a great book is added to the gothic/horror genre which really seems to be picking up nowadays in YA.

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