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Ink - Amanda Sun (After reading this review, I decided to change my rating from 2 to 3. Because this book really deserves some props. I was just probably riding on the negative reviews this book has. Now, on to my review~)I had a phase in grade seven where all I did was act like a lil' shit who just read manga and watched anime all day. I was really into it too; I taught myself hiragana and a few Japanese phrases. But I'm done with that phase now, but Ink made me really nostalgic. My love for Japan still stuck with me though, so when I saw Ink I had to get an ARC. So I got one and... let's just say that I understand why some of the reviews are negative.For example: the mythology. There are only two gods mentioned in the book> Amaterasu and Susano. And I already knew about them just from watching

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