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Liesl & Po - Lauren Oliver “She liked the word ineffable because it meant a feeling so big or vast that it could not be expressed in words.”Ineffable. That’s how I felt after I finished Liesl and Po. Normally, I wouldn’t be so sucked in to a children’s book, but every once in a while, one comes along and whisks you away to another world. In the case of Liesl and Po, it is a world full of magic and mystery, coincidences and mix-ups, love, loss and adventure.Liesl has been locked away in the attic of her home by her cruel step-mother for a long time, ever since her beloved father got sick. Now recently orphaned, one night, a ghost named Po and it’s ghostly pet Bundle appear in Liesl’s room and soon become her friends. Meanwhile, in another part of town, an orphan named Will is barely surviving as an evil alchemist’s apprentice. One fateful night, Will makes a dreadful mistake while making a delivery that will lead these two orphans’ paths to cross.When I met Liesl, I was immediately drawn by her innocence and devotion. Her attitude is matched by Po who is sarcastic and kind, but he also harbors a deep sadness and loss that even it doesn’t know about. And Will is the smitten boy with a huge heart just trying to fix his mistakes. This trio is matched with a cast of unforgettable characters who each has their own identity, dreams and worries, and the author connects all of them in an uncanny way. Each and every character is extraordinary. They all have their roles to play and I ended up loving each and every one of them, even the antagonists. All of their stories together create something beautiful, fresh, funny and thoroughly original. I was charmed by Oliver’s first children’s book. She created a wonderful fantasy with dreams and hopes, but also worries and sadness that reflect reality. Her writing is as gorgeous as ever and I was sucked into her world the minute I started. The illustrations also added immense depth and imagination in to the story. Although it may not be the most unpredictable story out there, I’m sure children of all ages will still enjoy this book. I enjoyed it as well because it reminded me of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and I’m sure as well adults would enjoy it too because at the end of the story, there are some adult questions asked. A child would enjoy this book for the adventure, but I can see an adult enjoy it for the questions asked, about the meaning of life and why we live. Liesl and Po is a lovely, enchanting tale that won’t fail to make you smile and maybe bring a few tears to your eyes! It’s layered, meaningful, written in an intelligent and sensitive way, there really is only one word to describe my feelings on this book.Ineffable.

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