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Perfect Escape - Jennifer Brown Real Rating: 3.5Perfect Escape is how any road trip should go. Their is laughter, sadness, the boring moments and the exciting ones as well. I haven't gone on a road trip yet--and it pains me--but, if I did have one, I'm pretty sure it would be like this. Well, minus the OCD brother and a girl trying to run from her mistakes. Nope, my road trip will have no destination. But for Kendra and Grayson, her destination is to her BFF that moved months ago to Los Angeles.Kendra is trying to be perfect because of her brother's OCD; her whole life has been overshadowed by him. But then she gets in to the middle of a cheating scandal and just runs for it. Her behind the wheel, and Grayson, her brother, sleeping in the passenger seat, unaware of what was about to happen.Perfect Escape really shows how a family is affected when a member has OCD. The sickness revolves around the family and everyone is affected. And Kendra is probably the biggest collateral damage in this situation. We see her strong will at first, but as the story progresses, her mental state crumble and you can really see that she is not perfect on the inside. As she breaks down, she puts back pieces together and she becomes a character that I can easily sympathize with. I understood her decisions and why she did them.Grayson, on the other hand, is just as a compelling character. He is a very well-rounded character with immense depth. It's probably because he has OCD that made him such an interesting character, though. But put the two of them together, and they made this book so heart-warming. Their relationship is something that I want with my older brother. They know each other so well, they laugh and relive old memories, they argue, but even after all of that, they still love each other.I would have given this book a higher rating, but I felt like I just didn't connect with it in a certain way that should make this book really click for me. If that makes sense to you guys...But overall, highly character driven and dealing with real issues Perfect Escape will bring out emotion from deep within your heart and will probably make it even bigger.

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