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Speechless - Hannah Harrington "These are my choices. For better or worse.”Do you know how long I have been searching for this book? Well, I did my math and it took me a total of 342 days. During my search, my expectations for this book kept on getting bigger because, if this book almost took me a year of finding, it should definitely be one of my favorite books of the year. Speechless did not disappoint.What really interested me was the summary. Chelsea Knot has taken a vow of silence, because her talking almost took someone's life. Now, she has to take all the bullying, sexual harassment and hate in silence. I'm such a chatterbox. I find it hard to not speak and my voice is naturally loud as well, so you can probably guess how my friends think I should shut up sometimes. :'D Taking a vow of silence... I probably wouldn't be able to last 2 days.But Chelsea has shown that she can keep quiet for more than 2 days. I love Chelsea; she is flawed, has so much depth and she is definitely not perfect, but I love her for it because it makes her real and easier to sympathize with. She develops so much as a person and a character as the book progresses and really seeing that process is just so special. And what makes me love her even more, is the fact that the author doesn't force you to like the protagonist in the beginning. Chelsea was a real classic bitch, but she changed and she grew in to a better person and she just makes you fall in love with her.The supporting characters, Asha, Sam, Dex, and Lou, are all flawed but they are amazing as well. I'm privileged to have read about characters like them. They were all so sweet and really difficult to dislike! Especially Asha and Sam~. c: Asha is like that best friend we all want and Sam was such a sweetie. I really wish we got to see more of Dex and Lou though, but, oh well.Although Harrington's writing style isn't that eloquent, it was witty and fun. The cute scenarios, the emotional punch of this book, the one-liners - the writing is what made this book so much more believable. Now, I'm going to be really cheesy here, but, after I finished reading Speechless... I was speechless. ;)

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