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Splintered - A.G. Howard Rating: 3.5I have a confession to make.I have never watched Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Yeah, I know. I hate myself, too. But I always love a good retelling, and Splintered has to be one of my favorite Alice in Wonderland retellings.If you know the original story of Alice in Wonderland, unlike myself, then fans would definitely eat up this story. What Splintered has to offer is slight references to the original story, but also Howard's own imaginative version. This is where the novel really excels. When Howard crafted a new Wonderland but also wove in the old Wonderland with it.It lacks a bit in it's characters though. Alyssa is a cool, skater girl who gives off this gothic vibe and she definitely adds charm to the book. My problem isn't her; I really like Alyssa as a main character. My problem is her two love interests: Jebediah Holt and Morpheus. Jeb really annoyed me throughout Splintered. I don't see how he is a love interest. He's kind of a douche and the whole 'I love you, but I can't have you because *insert reasons here*' has already played it's course for me. In the end though, I disliked him less, but I haven't completely warmed up to him yet.Morpheus is a local in Wonderland and he serves as Alyssa's guide and childhood best friend. His personality just doesn't click for me as a love interest, but as a character from Wonderland? Definitely. His twisted personality fits perfectly for Wonderland, but maybe not for Alyss as a love interest. Even though I had a few guy problems, I still enjoyed this book immensely. Very imaginative and just good fun, Splintered is an amazing read for fans of Alice in Wonderland and for fans of a good retelling.

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