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Easy - Tammara Webber Rating: 4.5Easy was definitely an easy read for me. I finished it in one day! I completely devoured this book. In that span of 18 hours that I read this, I was so affected.We have Jacqueline, a college girl who followed her high school boyfriend to college. Right at the beginning we are presented with a theme that isn't presented in most books as something serious: rape. Jacqueline was almost raped, but, thankfully, someone saves her that night, Lucas. Lucas and Jacqueline's lives become connected as of that night and their story is one that I will remember.Jacqueline develops throughout the whole book. She went from a sad and tragic girl to a strong woman. I loved her progression as a person, seeing it happen. The person that helped her through this progression is none other than her savior, Lucas. Now, Lucas is a crush worthy guy, albeit maybe a bit too good to be true, but he is definitely really, really sexy. I can just talk about him all day. So I will. Okay, I will only try to express what I feel about him in this character limited review~Lucas is sexy. He has grey-blue eyes as clear as fractured ice with black hair, tattoos and a lip ring on the left part of his bottom lip. He cooks, draws, has a motorcycle, complete with leather jacket and boots. He does odd jobs like being a barista at Starbucks and he can repair an AC unit, too. And he can kick any potential rapist's ass. Lastly, he has a tragic and traumatic past, which serves as our cherry in this too good to be true sundae. Their romance was really steamy and sexy. Lucas has some mighty fine seduction skills. I swear, their chemistry was, like, of the charts! This was my first "new adult" experience and it won't be my last, the romance was just that appealing to me. Okay. Maybe I was slightly turned on...Easy was a compelling contemporary. I couldn't put it down, my relatives were busy chatting the day away, while I was reading my butt of. Very addictive despite the predictable plot.Overall, Easy will definitely keep you hooked with not only it's sexy guy, but also with it's strong female lead, compelling story and just plain addictive quality.

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