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Shatter Me

Shatter Me - Now I have heard many things about this book. Great things and the bad, so out of curiosity I read this book for myself and I did not like it. :/ whoops. This book was just not for me. Shatter Me does have potential, with the way that it is written it sure is different, different, different, but it was just not for me. The strikeouts is what gave this book a second star, really.I also did not like the lack of world building. And the characters. Dear God, the characters. I only like Warner and Kenji. Adam and Juliette can just go make insta-love somewhere else, I mean, they are already running for their lives and they are still licking each others faces.This book just really has a lot of potential, but it was just poorly executed, I think. It's not a great dystopian, paranormal or romance story. It really is just an okay read.If you are masochistic, like I was, go get this book people! :'D----------------------------------------------------------------------Feel free to see my feelings before reading this book by clicking the spoiler tag ;DEDIT:12/22/12I got it, I'm feeling masochistic :'D but in all seriousness, I haven't read a dystopian so, let's see~----------------------------------------I heard about the writing on this book. I'll probably get it if I'm feeling masochistic, I guess.

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