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Ashfall (Ashfall (Trilogy - Quality))

Ashfall - Mike Mullin “For the first time ever, I felt ashamed of my species. The volcano had taken our homes, our food, our automobiles, and our airplanes, but it hadn't taken our humanity. No, we'd given that up on our own.”Ashfall... I don't know where to even begin with this book, so forgive me because this review will be the product of my scrambled thoughts that aren't even trying to be just a bit coherent. :'DAlex was just enjoying his weekend. He had the house to himself because his family was visiting relatives, the sun was shining, and he was about to spend it playing video games all day. Definitely your average, boring, normal weekend. But then the volcano under Yellowstone erupted.I was beside Alex when his house collapsed. I felt his fear, confusion and adrenaline pumping through him. The way this book kicks off is portrayed realistically which makes it really scary. And believable. I could hear the sounds the volcano was making ringing in my ears, when really it was probably just my bus mates yammering about shit. This is my first post-apoc book and it scared the shit out of me. I think that's a good thing.After that edge-on-your-seat start though, the book started dragging a bit. Which meant a lot of inner dialogue. I didn't mind it as much though; Alex is a strong character and his attitude makes him really easy to like. And Ashfall is told in a Male POV which was like taking a breath of fresh air after breathing so much toxic. I'm sorry, but the lack of Male POV in YA is kind of sad.Put things started picking up again after Alex met Darla and her mom, Mrs. Edmunds. Darla is a badass girl who is very independent. I also enjoyed her snark and sass~ ;) . The journey she and Alex share is a rough one and the relationship they developed is very likable. No insta-love crap, thank the Lord!And the journey. My god. I could imagine it so vividly. It was scary as hell. There were climate changes, differences in scenery... Sometimes I would stay awake at night, imagining the landscape. I can't see myself surviving. Oh, and their were survivors. Some reacted violently to this disaster and other were calm and collected. I sometimes felt ashamed for my race when I was reading this book. Mike Mulin is truly an author people should watch out for.Maybe because this is my first post-apoc book, I didn't really appreciate the genre enough to give a 5 star rating. But it is definitely deserving of it. Ashfall is painfully realistic, character driven and I'll be waiting for the paperback edition of its sequel.

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