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Mercy (Mercy (Quality))

Mercy  - Rebecca Lim Mercy is very different, very unusual. The focus is not so much on the paranormal aspect, but rather more on the mystery. But it really is an enjoyable first book in a series. The mix of mystery, romance and paranormal is just right. You are just given enough of the paranormal to make you want to continue on with the next book just because of plain curiosity. I really would have loved to know more about Mercy's past and those who are related to her story.Mercy is very brash and blunt and really likable. She has to deal with some issues as well that make her really relatable. And being an angel in exile, she has extraordinary powers that help aid her find Ryan's lost 18 year old twin sister, Lauren. The relationship dynamic of Ryan and Mercy was so adorable and cute. And I'd take Ryan any day over Luc. Like seriously he sounds like an asshat even though he's supposed to be Mercy's true love. ._.Mercy will always keep you guessing on who the kidnapper of Lauren is. But even if you still manage to guess the identity of the perpetrator, you will still enjoy the gorgeous writing and great characters.A bit like [b:Unearthly|7488244|Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)|Cynthia Hand||9621771], Mercy doesn't entirely focus on the angel aspect, but will still give you an engrossing story that will make you want to read the three sequels and follow Mercy's journey.

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