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What I Didn't Say

What I Didn't Say - Keary Taylor "Was I going to take the easy way out, or take the hard, high road?"What I Didn't Say struck me at first as a heavy read when I was reading the summary. So, I was surprised when I was reading it that actually it was a pretty light read with in depth meaning and lessons.Jacob Hayes has six brothers and sisters and everyone on the island, population 5,000, knows him. So they were all shocked to find out he became mute as a result of a car accident. But Jake, is the one who is most shocked because now, he can't tell Samantha Shay, the girl he's been in love with since freshman year, that he loves her.I liked how Jake was trying to be the bigger person and then how he just broke down at one point. He was flawed but had values to help him, I really liked that. He seemed a tad bit feminine a some points, considering this is told in a male's POV. Sam though, I don't know I guess she's not really my type of girl, but I couldn't have really cared less about her as an individual. Although, I will give her props, she is a pretty strong chick. And I loved how Jake and Sam saved each other. The romance between the two though, was sweet and believable. I was giggling non-stop, I was so giddy with feels! And I was bipolar too. At one point, I would be mad at Norah, then the next I'd be jumping up and down, then I would feel so sad. This book opened my eyes, I admit, but it's also just a really fun read.Overall, What Didn't I Say is a heartwarming and light read with wonderful life lessons and it's really enjoyable.I received a copy of this through netgalley

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