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Frostbite - Richelle Mead I don't think their is any other way to say this, so I'll just spit it out. I am hooked. Never thought I'd be hooked in to vampires after the whole Twilight fiasco, but like I said before Vampire Academy is not like Twilight and Frostbite was definitely more enjoyable than its predecessor. Things kick right off with a little recap and then it's all action from there! No need for any introductions--you know who's who and what's up and, my God, a lot of shit is up in this sequel.Jensen, you sexy beast.Their is a lot of character development between most of the characters, but most especially in Rose. Rose's mother also makes an appearance and I love the relationship the two have. And I also love the chemistry she and Dimitri have. All characters were starting to grow on me, even Adrian Ivashkov who was introduced in this book. But Lissa fell kind of flat for me in this one. :/There were some very kickass moments, but there were also moments that made me snort very loudly, pull at my heart strings and made me giddy like a school girl. The ending though... it was very shocking, a bit harsh and just sad. Very necessary, I think, but still.Benny, stop being an adorable shit. ermahgerd.Frostbite gives us genuine relationships and characters. Also very well-written, kickass and buckets of fun, I am dying to get the next four books.
Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell “What are the chances you’d ever meet someone like that? he wondered. Someone you could love forever, someone who would forever love you back? And what did you do when that person was born half a world away? The math seemed impossible.”Eleanor & Park has got to be the most adorable book I've ever read. The romance, the era, the characters, the dialogue--everything was adorable. But that doesn't mean that this book is your typical romance story. It's very memorable, heart-warming and makes you experience your first love again. Or in my case, have one. Because apparently, my social life did not give me a boy that has mutual feelings for me.The book is set in the 80's and normally any mention of an era before the 90's just makes me back away slowly. But I found myself complaining to my friends how I was born in the wrong generation. I wanted mix tapes, I listened to some of the songs mentioned in the book and I even read the comics. Soon I wanted a guy to hold a jukebox over his head and look up at me from my backyard. But I don't have a backyard and I wasn't born in the 20th century. Once I got this feeling, I knew I was reading a really good book. If any book can teleport you in to a different time, then it's a sign that you have a work of art in your hands.Eleanor and Park are characters that now have a space in my heart for them. Eleanor was so likable and relatable. She would feel insecure and have bad days, but she is a smart, snarky, funny and sarcastic teen who charmed her way in to my life and in to Park's. I especially loved how she didn't feel like she needed a guy to make her feel like a full woman.Park on the other hand... I had a bit of a crush on him. And by a bit, I mean a lot. A huge one really.Bless your face, MoosePark is so sweet, kind, caring and genuine. He has got to be one of my favorite YA guys so far. He is romantic and he seems real. He loses himself in music, he reads comics, he likes to fly under the radar--he would be my perfect definition of the word, "hipster". Just thank God that Park is not a pretentious fake who takes selfies and ruins quotes from books. I would really love to have a boyfriend like him. What boyfriend, Gabby? Stop being so delusional.Eleanor & Park also made me squeal out loud and say, "awwwww~" a lot of times. I could feel the butterflies and the uncertainty when they thought their relationship wouldn't last because most first loves don't. And boy, they fall in love deep and fast. I found myself rooting for them to find happiness and to actually be together for the rest of their lives. Just...Especially since it's Benedict Cumberbatch ;) Overall, I think you should get your own copy because their are only so many words in the English language and a limited number of GIFs to express my feelings on Eleanor & Park.

The Eye of Minds (B&N Exclusive Edition)

The Eye of Minds - James Dashner This sounded very cool too, but... nah
Liesl & Po - Lauren Oliver “She liked the word ineffable because it meant a feeling so big or vast that it could not be expressed in words.”Ineffable. That’s how I felt after I finished Liesl and Po. Normally, I wouldn’t be so sucked in to a children’s book, but every once in a while, one comes along and whisks you away to another world. In the case of Liesl and Po, it is a world full of magic and mystery, coincidences and mix-ups, love, loss and adventure.Liesl has been locked away in the attic of her home by her cruel step-mother for a long time, ever since her beloved father got sick. Now recently orphaned, one night, a ghost named Po and it’s ghostly pet Bundle appear in Liesl’s room and soon become her friends. Meanwhile, in another part of town, an orphan named Will is barely surviving as an evil alchemist’s apprentice. One fateful night, Will makes a dreadful mistake while making a delivery that will lead these two orphans’ paths to cross.When I met Liesl, I was immediately drawn by her innocence and devotion. Her attitude is matched by Po who is sarcastic and kind, but he also harbors a deep sadness and loss that even it doesn’t know about. And Will is the smitten boy with a huge heart just trying to fix his mistakes. This trio is matched with a cast of unforgettable characters who each has their own identity, dreams and worries, and the author connects all of them in an uncanny way. Each and every character is extraordinary. They all have their roles to play and I ended up loving each and every one of them, even the antagonists. All of their stories together create something beautiful, fresh, funny and thoroughly original. I was charmed by Oliver’s first children’s book. She created a wonderful fantasy with dreams and hopes, but also worries and sadness that reflect reality. Her writing is as gorgeous as ever and I was sucked into her world the minute I started. The illustrations also added immense depth and imagination in to the story. Although it may not be the most unpredictable story out there, I’m sure children of all ages will still enjoy this book. I enjoyed it as well because it reminded me of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and I’m sure as well adults would enjoy it too because at the end of the story, there are some adult questions asked. A child would enjoy this book for the adventure, but I can see an adult enjoy it for the questions asked, about the meaning of life and why we live. Liesl and Po is a lovely, enchanting tale that won’t fail to make you smile and maybe bring a few tears to your eyes! It’s layered, meaningful, written in an intelligent and sensitive way, there really is only one word to describe my feelings on this book.Ineffable.

Ashfall (Ashfall (Trilogy - Quality))

Ashfall - Mike Mullin “For the first time ever, I felt ashamed of my species. The volcano had taken our homes, our food, our automobiles, and our airplanes, but it hadn't taken our humanity. No, we'd given that up on our own.”Ashfall... I don't know where to even begin with this book, so forgive me because this review will be the product of my scrambled thoughts that aren't even trying to be just a bit coherent. :'DAlex was just enjoying his weekend. He had the house to himself because his family was visiting relatives, the sun was shining, and he was about to spend it playing video games all day. Definitely your average, boring, normal weekend. But then the volcano under Yellowstone erupted.I was beside Alex when his house collapsed. I felt his fear, confusion and adrenaline pumping through him. The way this book kicks off is portrayed realistically which makes it really scary. And believable. I could hear the sounds the volcano was making ringing in my ears, when really it was probably just my bus mates yammering about shit. This is my first post-apoc book and it scared the shit out of me. I think that's a good thing.After that edge-on-your-seat start though, the book started dragging a bit. Which meant a lot of inner dialogue. I didn't mind it as much though; Alex is a strong character and his attitude makes him really easy to like. And Ashfall is told in a Male POV which was like taking a breath of fresh air after breathing so much toxic. I'm sorry, but the lack of Male POV in YA is kind of sad.Put things started picking up again after Alex met Darla and her mom, Mrs. Edmunds. Darla is a badass girl who is very independent. I also enjoyed her snark and sass~ ;) . The journey she and Alex share is a rough one and the relationship they developed is very likable. No insta-love crap, thank the Lord!And the journey. My god. I could imagine it so vividly. It was scary as hell. There were climate changes, differences in scenery... Sometimes I would stay awake at night, imagining the landscape. I can't see myself surviving. Oh, and their were survivors. Some reacted violently to this disaster and other were calm and collected. I sometimes felt ashamed for my race when I was reading this book. Mike Mulin is truly an author people should watch out for.Maybe because this is my first post-apoc book, I didn't really appreciate the genre enough to give a 5 star rating. But it is definitely deserving of it. Ashfall is painfully realistic, character driven and I'll be waiting for the paperback edition of its sequel.

Letters To Nowhere

Letters To Nowhere - Julie Cross I used to do gymnastics :D
Perfect Escape - Jennifer Brown Real Rating: 3.5Perfect Escape is how any road trip should go. Their is laughter, sadness, the boring moments and the exciting ones as well. I haven't gone on a road trip yet--and it pains me--but, if I did have one, I'm pretty sure it would be like this. Well, minus the OCD brother and a girl trying to run from her mistakes. Nope, my road trip will have no destination. But for Kendra and Grayson, her destination is to her BFF that moved months ago to Los Angeles.Kendra is trying to be perfect because of her brother's OCD; her whole life has been overshadowed by him. But then she gets in to the middle of a cheating scandal and just runs for it. Her behind the wheel, and Grayson, her brother, sleeping in the passenger seat, unaware of what was about to happen.Perfect Escape really shows how a family is affected when a member has OCD. The sickness revolves around the family and everyone is affected. And Kendra is probably the biggest collateral damage in this situation. We see her strong will at first, but as the story progresses, her mental state crumble and you can really see that she is not perfect on the inside. As she breaks down, she puts back pieces together and she becomes a character that I can easily sympathize with. I understood her decisions and why she did them.Grayson, on the other hand, is just as a compelling character. He is a very well-rounded character with immense depth. It's probably because he has OCD that made him such an interesting character, though. But put the two of them together, and they made this book so heart-warming. Their relationship is something that I want with my older brother. They know each other so well, they laugh and relive old memories, they argue, but even after all of that, they still love each other.I would have given this book a higher rating, but I felt like I just didn't connect with it in a certain way that should make this book really click for me. If that makes sense to you guys...But overall, highly character driven and dealing with real issues Perfect Escape will bring out emotion from deep within your heart and will probably make it even bigger.
The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) - Rick Yancey “How do you rid the Earth of humans? Rid the humans of their humanity.”Rating: 4.5So many positive reviews, a $750,000 marketing campaign and a movie deal later, I just had to get myself a copy of The 5th Wave. This book was hyped up like nobody's business, but there were a couple who didn't think this book deserved the hype and I can see why. Still, I enjoyed this book immensely, but I will point out some of the negatives because maybe The 5th Wave really is just riding on the hype of many.Let's start with characters. I liked Cassie; she was badass, kickass, snarky--basically you have a really feisty chick. But as the book progressed, my love for her kind of lost it's way. Most of the story is told from her POV, so eventually I started dreading her chapters because after a while I felt like she was just trying to be everything she was in the beginning. But I do love her resolve and devotion. She had me rooting for her, even if I didn't really like her that much.On the other hand, there is Zombie. I was really confused when the POVs changed because Zombie is never mentioned in the synopsis. But I definitely enjoyed his chapters more. He made me feel what was happening and for the characters. His personality in itself got me hooked in to reading his chapters; his chapters were overall very entertaining and high-paced.The book was written in a way that made me lean on the edge of my seat. There was so much action, that sometimes I had to read a paragraph or two again. And you can always feel tension; you can feel the impending doom that is just above the character's heads.Now, I'm going to point out the negatives. There was a bit of insta-love going on. On both sides. For Cassie, it was Evan; for Zombie, it was Ringer. I didn't mind Evan and Cassie so much because my brain works in a weird way, but I don't ship Zombie and Ringer. The story also felt like it was trying to be unpredictable and shock and surprise the readers. But once I got a new piece of info, I was like 30 pages ahead of the story. The predictability kind of hindered me liking this book fully. But I thought the ending was a perfect way to start a series.I think that's all I really have to say. The 5th Wave really was riding on hype because even though it was a enjoyable ride for me, it wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be. Maybe, like every other hyped-up book out there, you have to get an opinion for yourself.

Suicide Notes

Suicide Notes - Michael Thomas Ford “I'm still kind of a mess. But I think we all are. No one's got it all together. I don't think you ever do get it totally together.”With a title like Suicide Notes, you might think that this book would be serious. It's actually hilarious. Like, laugh-out-loud-in-public hilarious. I had to stifle my giggles in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf because Jeff is...Bless your face, Jared PadaleckiJeff wakes up on New Year's Day in a mental hospital after he slit his wrists the day before. He's surrounded by some really crazy kids and his doctor (Jeff calls him "Cat Poop") keeps on trying to make Jeff talk to him.And he doesn't want to discuss the reason why he hurt himself. Each chapter follows a single day in his 45-day treatment program. Jeff's voice is hilarious, snarky, self-loathing at times and very easy to listen to. He is very relatable as a character; he is confused, curious, kind, hurt, scared and very sad even though he might say "I'm fine". The writing is done with an eye for genuine emotion and an amazing hand. Suicide Notes has frank issues such as identity, sexuality, abuse, depression, suicide, self-loathing and many more situations that are portrayed honestly and realistically. It sometimes felt like I was reading my thoughts in these pages. I don't want to say to much because I feel like the less you know, the more you will appreciate this book. Jeff's problem is one you might not expect and I don't want to give out hints. ;DOverall, Suicide Notes is a hilarious read but with very real and honest undertones which reflect how I, and without a doubt a lot of teens, feel about their lives and what they go through everyday.
Ink - Amanda Sun (After reading this review, I decided to change my rating from 2 to 3. Because this book really deserves some props. I was just probably riding on the negative reviews this book has. Now, on to my review~)I had a phase in grade seven where all I did was act like a lil' shit who just read manga and watched anime all day. I was really into it too; I taught myself hiragana and a few Japanese phrases. But I'm done with that phase now, but Ink made me really nostalgic. My love for Japan still stuck with me though, so when I saw Ink I had to get an ARC. So I got one and... let's just say that I understand why some of the reviews are negative.For example: the mythology. There are only two gods mentioned in the book> Amaterasu and Susano. And I already knew about them just from watching
Exile  - Rebecca Lim I have to wait SO long for the paperback edition of the US installment for this book. Imagine my pain just trying to wait for the other two sequels... Just...

Mercy (Mercy (Quality))

Mercy  - Rebecca Lim Mercy is very different, very unusual. The focus is not so much on the paranormal aspect, but rather more on the mystery. But it really is an enjoyable first book in a series. The mix of mystery, romance and paranormal is just right. You are just given enough of the paranormal to make you want to continue on with the next book just because of plain curiosity. I really would have loved to know more about Mercy's past and those who are related to her story.Mercy is very brash and blunt and really likable. She has to deal with some issues as well that make her really relatable. And being an angel in exile, she has extraordinary powers that help aid her find Ryan's lost 18 year old twin sister, Lauren. The relationship dynamic of Ryan and Mercy was so adorable and cute. And I'd take Ryan any day over Luc. Like seriously he sounds like an asshat even though he's supposed to be Mercy's true love. ._.Mercy will always keep you guessing on who the kidnapper of Lauren is. But even if you still manage to guess the identity of the perpetrator, you will still enjoy the gorgeous writing and great characters.A bit like [b:Unearthly|7488244|Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)|Cynthia Hand||9621771], Mercy doesn't entirely focus on the angel aspect, but will still give you an engrossing story that will make you want to read the three sequels and follow Mercy's journey.
Benedict Cumberbatch: In Transition: An Unauthorised Performance Biography - Lynnette Porter I JUST LOVE BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH OKAY?
On Every Street  - Karina Halle I can't form any coherent enough sentence besides this one to describe On Every Street:Sexy, erotic and very sad, On Every Street is a book about first loves and first betrayals and will surely break your heart and turn you on at the same time.
The Madman's Daughter - Megan Shepherd Actual Rating: 3.5The Madman's Daughter is it's own kind of disturbing. It is my first time delving in to the horror/gothic genre and I think this is the first book of many!The Madman's Daughter is based off H. G. Wells classic, The Island if Doctor Moreau. After reading the Wikipedia page of said book, I think Shepherd's retelling did justice and also had a cool, different twist to the story. I loved the feel this book gives off~ it's just really creepy and I shivered visibly in some parts! You can really feel the madness coming out of our main character, Juliet Moreau. I love Juliet. She knows what she wants and she tries to get it. But as the story went on... I went from loving her to just strongly liking her. She was just way to focused on the two love interests. And IMO, they weren't interesting as love interests, but as characters though, a little bit.Montgomery, one of the love interests, was an interesting character. I was really in to his whole Stockholm Syndrome character but the amount of insta-love he has for Juliet just made cringe. I preferred the other guy, Edward Prince, but not by a lot. I just didn't get his insta-love either, but his past was something I got really in to.But thank God, the romance did not completely take over the plot or I'd have to drop a star on this book. Because this book was really enjoyable, and a tad uncomfortable, which is a good thing, despite it's insta-love and predictability. Most of the story was predictable. I was like 50 steps ahead of the book, but if not for that ending I would have seen everything. That ending was just... it took a different route, which was a good thing, but I was not happy about it. :( Now I have to wait months for the sequel.The Madman's Daughter is creepy and twisted with a lot of romance but over all a great book is added to the gothic/horror genre which really seems to be picking up nowadays in YA.
Losing It  - Cora Carmack For a book that's about losing your virginity, Losing It is a pretty light, cute and fluffy read. I haven't read a lot of the new adult books out there, but I think Losing It is something I would think is a part of that genre, because it deals with the one thing young adult books and adult books don't: College. You can feel the stress wafting out of this book. Oh, and the sexual tension.Because Garrick and Bliss just ooze sexual tension. But their story was really cute and the writing was hilarious. I would find myself laughing out loud at some parts; the dialogue was just really funny! Back to Garrick and Bliss. I love Bliss's character so much, but I felt like I couldn't really connect with her that well, because I'm not like her in personality. Her brain is like a well oiled machine that can't be turned off at random. But here comes Garrick. And let me tell you, her brain has a major meltdown once she catches the eye of very sexy, and very British Garrick. And since I'm a teenage girl with a British fetish, I was a puddle in Garrick's hands. Now, I'm not a fan of teacher-student romances, but I just couldn't help myself with Garrick and Bliss. Although, I wish they could have waited till the semester was over before they really got together. I would have still enjoyed the story if they were like Martin and Benedict. I mean come on, how cute is that? :3 Overall, Losing It is something I would read on a Saturday just to relax and have a good day with fluff, awkwardness, sexiness and a touch of romance.

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